Allotment Shop

The Gardeners’ Store is currently closed.

The Gardeners’ Store is located by the car park at the Kilburn Road entrance to the site. The store is open between February and November, from 12-2pm on Saturdays and 11am-1pm on Sundays. It is managed by the allotment commitee, with the help of  aB9WAy_XIQAMhfZp rota of volunteers who staff the shop; new volunteers are always welcome.

We make considerable effort to seek out the best suppliers for seed potatoes, onion sets, seeds, compost, fertilisers and other essentials, such as weed control fabric, netting, timber, stakes, canes, posts, manure and woodchips. The shop has three big plus points – the prices are really keen, it’s right on the doorstep and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable fellow tenants.

The store is open to tenants of Low Moor who are members of the Allotment Association. If you’re not a tenant, we offer Gardeners’ Store membership at £3 per year; around 40 local residents take advantage of this.

You can hire some tools (post knocker and strimmer) from the shop on payment of a small fee and deposit.