Problems Page

At Low Moor, we have problems of various sorts, ones that are recognisable to allotment holders anywhere in the country: vandalism, arson, theft and pest control. The Low Moor Allotments Association, York Allotments Charitable Incorporated Organisation, City of York Council, Police and Site Secretaries are active in trying to solve problems relating to security but there are further ways you can help us. If you suffer or witness damage, theft or another problem with an allotment, please report it to the people below who can register it or even arrange remedial action.

You can use the site plan to help you identify which plot it was and then use the contact table below to report the problem.

Pests such as rats, mice, rabbits

Please contact the York Allotments Charitable Incorporated Organisation who deals with these issues across all allotment sites in York. The officer can suggest a way to tackle the pest in question. Do please take their advice before trying out your own solution, such as laying poison or traps. As with all things, prevention is better than cure.  Some traps are illegal and care in the use of poison must be taken.

Vandalism,  Arson or Theft

Please report these to the police by ringing the non-emergency number 101. It is important that incidents are reported so that they can be registered in the crime log and issued a crime number.

They should also be noted in the site incident book, which is kept under the counter in the shop. This helps to identify any recurring patterns and problems which may need a specific approach and is useful to the police officers.

If you have issues relating to dangerous rubbish or other problems, please contact the site secretary.