2020 Sessions

w/s March 23rd:

The new government advice means we will only be attending the plot in isolated household/family groups. Gloves must be worn.

w/s March 16th:

Due to COVID19 Angela and Robina are no longer going to be physically present, but will instruct.

Children will social distance and arrive in a rota with only a small number present at any given time.

Saturday 28th March (Nominal)

Look around the plot – note things changing /developing from last week.  Look at the rhubarb under black bin ( what do you notice.  Compare with the other rhubarb plants around).   Look at seeds trays in greenhouse – any sign of life – don’t water I’ll do that so they don’t get over-watered. Can you see any signs of life on the grape vine?

Things to do – 

  • Sowing 1 row of beetroot  and 1 row of radish in own plot
  • Worm Hunt  – some research references to follow up     
  • Do one of the 12 shared activities.  Start at the top of the list with No 1 and other children to follow.    
  • Children might like to make their own diary about the Plot in 2020- either written or digital.      

Saturday 21st March ( our first session trying out our new arrangement)
Things to do –

  •  Planting Shallots on own plot
  •  Starting onion sets ( white and red ) in see unit trays
  •  Sowing flower seeds in small pots
  •  Bunch of flowers for Mothers’ Day

Saturday 14th March – Our opening session of 2020
Outline of the session

  • Introduction of  children to each other and  a tour of the plot to see what has happened  over the winter period and notice signs of new growth.
  • One plant of rhubarb was covered and left in the dark to force
  • Children chose their own individual beds 
  • Preparation of beds for the season – remove stones;  break down lumps of soil with a hand fork; rake level and  scatter  pellets of chicken manure on to the plot.
  • Each child sows 12 broad beans in a 6-tray.
  • Each child chooses 3 seed potatoes to take home to chit ( Arran Pilot, Swift, Rocket)